This fun, self-initiated series is a set of illustrations chronicling a 3,000 mile road trip I took earlier this spring, where I spent 10 days exploring the various landscapes and scenery of National Forests and Park lands.



Over the course of 10 days, two buddies (Zach Becker & Sean Williams) and I traveled 3,000+ miles by car and explored the National Parks and Forest of the West Coast. The main goal of this trip was to take a break from staring at a computer screen all day, every day, and get outside. Some of my favorite moments included surfing down sand dunes in Idaho, getting lost at the bottom of a desert canyon in Utah, watching the sunset in Death Valley, and running across the beach to dip my feet in the Pacific Ocean.

This self-initated series consists of illustrations inspired by the original Instax photos I took during the trip. This is an ongoing project that will eventually chronicle the entirety of the roadtrip, including the parks we camped at and the hikes we went on.