Pantone Capture inspires creativity within both professional and novice photographers, encouraging people to engage with the colors that exist in the world around them.


2015 Adobe Design Achievement Award - Web & Application Design Finalist


Every day, Pantone releases a Color of the Day, which includes a Pantone color swatch as well as three adjectives pertaining to that specific color. The Color of the Day is posted on Pantone's Twitter, @pantone, as well as on a specific webpage devoted to the Color of the Day.

Through a mobile campaign, Pantone would like the user to reimagine their environment and daily lives through color. They want to encourage people to look at their surroundings and activities in a new light, and for people to appreciate and understand the importance of color in their lives.


Pantone Capture will challenge users to utilize and engage with Pantone colors within photography. The goal of the app is simple: match the subject of your photo as closely as you can to the specific Pantone Color of the Day. Users can take and post photos, view a global live stream of other photos, and vote on their favorite ones. At the end of each day, a winner and semifinalists are chosen based on the rating and popularity of their photo.


User & Competitor Research

Conceptual Development

User Flow & Scenarios

Usability Testing

Visual Identity

User Experience Design

User Goals


View the Color of the Day and corresponding adjectives.


Take photos using the built-in camera, match photo subject to Color of the Day swatch.


Post photos, view live stream of photos posted by other users, vote for favorite photos, view winner and semifinalists at end of each day.

User Flow & Wireframe Development


Looking at competitor products, I found that while there were apps that focused on color (Coolors, Adobe Color CC, etc.), and more popular apps focused on photography (Instagram), there weren't any that combined both. Pantone Capture attempts to bridge that gap, giving users specific photographic challenges that require engaging with colors in the world around them.

By conducting usability testing using wireframe paper prototypes, I gave users several tasks to complete. From observing user attempts, I was able to learn early on that a gesture-based navigation system was more complicated than it needed it be, allowing me to simplify the user flow in the final product.


Along with the final design screens, the final prototype is a one minute long promotional video demonstrating the features and interactions of the Pantone Capture app.