#itsokay is a campaign focused on starting a conversation about depression and anxiety - challenging perceptions while providing people with approachable information and resources.



There are many stigmas associated with depression and anxiety, making it difficult for people to talk about and understand. Because there are so many different ways anxiety and depression manifest their symptoms, there's a general lack of understanding and ignorance surrounding what these disorders are.

#itsokay focuses on providing a comfortable, accessible way for college students to learn more about depression and anxiety. The campaign relies on easily shared print materials like handbills, pins, stickers, accompanied by quickly-digestible digital content.


This project was completed over the course of a workshop led by Michael Ellsworth of Civilization and created in collaboration with two fellow BFA designers, Hannah Stutzman and Taylor Mattson.

During winter quarter, we researched, concepted, and visualized the look and materials of the campaign. The following spring quarter, #itsokay was picked up and funded by Western Washington University's on-campus resource for mental health, the Prevention & Wellness Services. For two weeks during May, which is National Mental Health Awareness Month, the #itsokay campaign was spread all over Western's campus, kicked off by the launch of the #itsokay microsite, itsokay.info.


Concept Development


Brand Ideation

Logo Ideation

Visual Design


Website Design

Front-End Development

View the live website here.